Sofia Airport registered an increase of processed goods in 201621.03.2016
Sofia Airport registered an increase of processed goods in 2016

There are 2974 tons of processed goods for January and February 2016 – an increase of 12% which sustained positive trend in the freight flow. 

The regular passenger lines reserve their level from the past year while transportation with cargo planes marks 22% increase due to the larger volumes. 

Sofia Airport will welcome the summer schedule of flights with four new direct routes (Alicante, Oslo/Torp, Hamburg/Lubeck and Birmingham), which will take effect from 27th March 2016.

641 807 is the total amount of passengers gone trough the two terminals of Sofia Airport for the month January and February 2016 which is with 14% more that the same period last year. The travelers on scheduled international routes are with 17% more due to the new direct routes opened in summer 2015. 

Sofia Airport marks a 10% increase yoy  in landed and took off airplanes which are 7045 since the beginning of the year. Here the greatest growth (of 13%) is seen with international scheduled servies. 

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