Bulgaria’s exports is above 45 bln for the first time15.02.2016
Bulgaria’s exports is above 45 bln for the first time

     After a decline in 2014 exports of Bulgarian goods it is growing again. The annual increase was 5,2% - exceeding 45 for the first time according to
NSI. The majority of this increase was due to exports to countries in the European union. 

      The big difference in the economic development of key markets is the main division between European and other markets. Some factors, such as employment growth, weak euro and lower oil prices, are negative for the Bulgarian non-EU markets, unlike those in the European Union. 

      Germany, United Kingdom, Romania, Italy, Greece and France form 63.3% of the exports to the EU, as all data reported an increase.

      Recession in Bulgarian exports report China, Russia, Turkey, the United Aram Emirates and Singapore. 

      The proportion of products with higher added value to the economy that we export to EU reports growth – the sale of machinery and equipment has 12,5% increase (over 6,3 while the export of raw materials is decreased by almost 10%. Fuel and oils are also decreasing.

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